Accomplished Auto Reviews:


Work Order:  08/02/2018      “Every time I bring in my truck in for inspection or servicing Sandy greets me with a smile and her quick wit (she is my kind of customer service representative). Clinton is a wealth of knowledge and is willing to answer any questions I have regarding the type of repair that is being done. He is the type of mechanic that I truly feel is my truck’s doctor and does everything to keep it running at peak performance, so I can keep it for running for many years to come. I am glad I found this garage. Great job Clinton and Sandy.”


Work Order:  January 3, 2018       “Excellent service.”


Work Order:  October 24, 2017     “Excellent work!”


Work Order Date:  September 5, 2017      My ’78 TBird has been given ‘another life’ as of my last repair not being too expensive–which it looked like it might have to be, but a less costly repair was suggested and solved the problem. Since starting with this shop over 1 and 1/2 yrs. ago, needing a lot of repairs for inspc., I have consistently been satisfied; and my son (a mechanic himself) has said Clint knows what he’s doing!


Work Order:  October 8, 2017       “The work was done well and on time.”


Work Order:  October 10, 2017     “It was very, very agreeable. It was a good experience.  There isn’t anything that I could say that was wrong. It was good.”


Work Order: February 1, 2018    “I feel the service was fairly priced.”


Work Order: January 16, 2018    “Excellent service as always.”


Work Order:  October 22, 2017    “They’re always there for me, they do what I need done.”

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