Hybrid work

We here at Accomplished Auto are constantly training and looking forward to keep up with ongoing trends in the automotive industry and the maintenance of todays vehicles. Towards that end we have certification, equipment and training to work on the latest trend which is hybrid and electric vehicles.

While Hybrids have been around for a while now, they have certain specific maintenance needs peculiar to them as well as safety considerations in dealing with high voltage DC. These systems can be damaged and can injure the people working on them without proper equipment and training. Towards that end we have added essential safety equipment and tooling to properly handle these systems along with the training.

We have completed 12 hours of hands on training at this point with ACDC training center in Massachusetts. Along with several ACDC online seminars and several other training centers online and in person.

Hybrid Certification | Accomplished Auto

Certification | Accomplished Auto

We also have an AC machine capable of service hybrid and EV air conditioning systems as they use very particular lubricants that if contaminated by a conventional vehicle machine can cause damage and failure to the system. We have lineman’s high voltage safety gloves so that we can safely test and power down the high voltage systems for maintenance as needed. We also have meters capable of testing those high voltage DC circuits as well. We also have access to the needed service information and procedures for these vehicles of most manufacturers as well as the factory scan tools for several of them as well. Such as Ford, GM, Toyota, and Honda.

This means you can be confident that we will maintain these vehicles to the same level of safety and efficiency as we do conventional vehicles. We also can help ensure that you will get the best efficiency and lowest environmental impact for these vehicles as well.