Shop-Ware | Accomplished Auto

On December 1, 2017, we upgraded our billing system to a cloud-based program which allows us to communicate directly with you via e-mail or smart phone.

We hope you will be happy with our ability to communicate quickly and with more information – including technician notes and even pictures and short videos.


Accomplished Auto uses a system called Shop-Ware to manage our work or repair orders for the services we will provide you when you visit us. We chose Shop-Ware because it is web-based and enables us to communicate with you about your vehicle directly through the system. We will share photos, videos, and other electronic information that helps explain the work that we are doing to keep your vehicle in the best possible condition. Shop-Ware also allows us to operate entirely paperless, and we can provide you an electronic copy of your estimate or completed invoice at any time via email. A print copy will always be available to you if you prefer.

Invitations to View a Work Order

After you schedule time to drop your vehicle off for service and when we bring your vehicle into our shop, you will receive an electronic invitation from us, either via email or text, for you to directly view your work order while your vehicle is being worked on. You can see services, the results of inspections, and even ask questions of your service technician through this view.

Viewing and Approving Estimates

We may invite you to view an estimate or work order at a certain point during your service and give you an option to approve work that we may have deemed necessary in order to address your concerns about your vehicle. Our shop management system, Shop-Ware, gives you the ability to approve or decline additional work, and to ask questions about our recommendations, directly through the system, on your computer, mobile phone, or tablet. Of course, we can always answer your questions or concerns on the telephone, if you prefer.

Interacting with a Work Order

You can view the information about the service we are performing on your vehicle on the work order once we share it with you. You can see the services or service estimates, you will know which have been completed or are in progress, and you can also view any notes, photos, diagnostic data, or other information your technician has recorded and posted to the work order in the “Notes” section on the right hand side of the screen. The Notes section allows you to ask questions of our team while your service is in progress. Please make sure you “Publish” your note so we can see it.

Picking Up Your Vehicle

When your service is complete and your vehicle is ready for you to pick up, if you are waiting for your vehicle, we will review the work we performed. If you have left your vehicle with us, we will send you a new invitation so you can see the final invoice. After payment is made, we will send your paid final invoice to you via email and can a print a copy if you wish. All of your service records will be retained electronically and we can access and review those together at a future date if you require them for any reason. We can always send you another copy if you should ever need one.

Future Visits

The next time you bring in your vehicle and we start a repair or work order, any past recommendations that have not been handled yet will automatically appear at the top of your new work order. This serves as a reminder of outstanding repairs that may be needed and allows you to review the recommendation including parts and labor again. This allows you to budget and plan for future repairs to keep your vehicle running the best it can.