What is ADAS? ADAS stands for Active Driver Assist System’s. These systems in today’s cars are designed to assist the driver by warning them if they are too close to an object, another vehicle, or the edge of the road. The active part is if the driver fails to react in time the vehicle will take action on its own to mitigate the situation. Usually by slowing or even stopping the car on some systems, steering the vehicle away from the object or some combination of those actions depending on the vehicle.

These systems depend on several factors to operate correctly, proper wheel and tire condition, alignment of the vehicle so it knows how the vehicle tracks down the road. Proper operation of the brakes so it can properly adjust the braking force needed and when all that is correct proper calibration of the cameras and radar to ensure it can correctly know the distances being measured.

We here at Accomplished Auto as a technologically driven shop have the space, training, and equipment needed to keep these systems operating correctly so you do not have issues with the system reacting as designed to unexpected situations. In this way you will be confident that you and your family will be protected to the best ability of the vehicle as it was when new.

When does the system need calibration? The first step to any calibration is checking that all the related systems are operating at manufacturers specifications, factory spec brakes, good tires, and proper alignment. This last is very important to the calibration of the system and most manufacturers call for recalibrating the ADAS system whenever any alignment changes are made. This means if alignment is adjusted for any reason due to worn parts, age, fatigue, road hazards or just periodic maintenance the system needs to be calibrated so that it can relearn the way the vehicle travels down the road.

We use factory procedures to recalibrate your system starting with a vehicle assessment and alignment to ensure we are calibrating to vehicle that is tracking properly down the road. We use precision laser alignment of the targets to ensure factory placement on our large flat open shop floor space to ensure proper targeting without interference, not every shop has the space to do so. This gives you the confidence that the system will operate as intended to make your everyday commute easier and safer with lane keeping, alerts and adaptive cruise control if so equipped. The same for emergency braking systems (if equipped) in the case of the unexpected to keep you and your family safe.

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