Check Engine Light in Concord, NH

Check Engine Light in Concord, NH | Accomplished Auto

If you have a blinking Yellow Light – STOP!

You need to have your vehicle checked before you drive it any further.
This calls for a tow truck before further damage is done.


Your vehicle is in need of maintenance.
Yes, it could just need more oil, but there could be other problems as well – it needs to be checked!

We listen to your explanation of what is happening.

We drive your vehicle to see if we can duplicate problem.

We will visually review your vehicle and run some basic tests.

Using scan tool, we get a diagnostic code.

We review your emissions system, both visually and with tests to locate the problem.

We advise you of results, including recommendations which may include further tests, and costs of repairs, if needed.
When your Check Engine Light comes on, it usually means something in your emissions system is not working properly. Diagnosing the issue is more than just plugging in the scan tool to get a code. The code tells us what the symptom is – but does not tell us where in the system the problem is occurring. We review all Technical Service Bulletins (TSB) for your vehicle. This lets us know if others have experienced the same problem and if the manufacturer has a fix or will make the repairs under an extended warranty or recall.

We test drive your vehicle, this lets your technician see how the vehicle is performing and to listen to any noises. Our technicians are ASE Certified Master Technicians with lots of training and years of experience. This test drive gives them a chance to listen for subtle, odd sounds.

In the garage, your vehicle is reviewed under the hood to see if anything is leaking, and confirm other systems and fluids are normal. Your vehicle is placed on a lift so the technician can review the underside of the car or truck. Your technician can examine for damage, rust holes, leaks in pipes, leaking fluids, and anything that seems not quite right.

All our findings are placed on the repair order, including technician notes, sometimes pictures or short videos, and shared with you via e-mail or smart phone text. Recommendations are shown with the costs for repairs, and may include further tests. Clicking on the ‘clipboard' icon brings up the description of labor and parts needed.