Oil Change in Concord, NH

Oil Change in Concord, NH | Accomplished Auto

Here at Accomplished Auto, we offer a comprehensive oil change service to the community of Concord, NH. Your vehicle’s regular oil change is extremely important to its over health. Fresh engine oil helps to protect the engine from friction damage and overheating. It also helps keep it clean by picking up dirt and dust along the way. Skipping an oil change can lead to engine damage in the long run, so staying up to date with this maintenance item is key.

At our shop, an oil change is more than just changing your vehicle’s oil and filter. Our oil change service also includes a courtesy vehicle inspection, which is an excellent opportunity to ensure that your vehicle is in good working condition. This inspection is an overall look at your car’s health, where we check all light bulbs, fluid levels, tire tread, tire pressure, coolant, and perform a battery test. After we complete this inspection, we note all of our findings and share the results with you, that way you can stay informed when it comes to your vehicle’s needs.

At Accomplished Auto, we never want you to miss an important oil change. We keep track of your vehicle’s maintenance records right here at our shop and send you reminders letting you know when you’re due for an oil change. How often your vehicle will need an oil change will depend upon a number of factors, including the make and model of your vehicle, its age, manufacturer recommendations, the type of oil you use, and your individual driving habits.

Here at our Concord oil change shop, we use extended life oil filters and blended or fully synthetic oils. This allows you to change your oil and filter less often which in turn saves you time and money. We also suggest that our customers come back to our shop about halfway through the suggested interval just so that we can check your oil levels to make sure it is still filled to the proper levels.

In addition to your oil change, we also lube all fittings and areas of your vehicle that require lubrication. This includes the door hinges which can become dirty and squeaky over time, which can cause issues with their operation. To do so, we use a special lubricant that dries to a waxy finish to protect your clothing.

If you need an oil change service in Concord, NH, look no further than the professionals here at Accomplished Auto. Give us a call or schedule your visit using our online appointment form today!