Car Battery Replacement in Concord, NH

Your vehicle’s battery helps produce the electricity that is needed to operate the starter motor and ignition system to get your vehicle started up. After the engine is running, the alternator recharges the battery and supplies the electricity needed for all of your vehicle’s other electrical systems. Considering that the battery is necessary to start your car, one of the most common signs of a dead battery is a car that won’t start. Here at Accomplished Auto in Concord, NH, we are here to help when you find yourself dealing with car battery troubles.

When it comes to modern vehicles, most car batteries will last anywhere between 3 to 5 years depending on the brand, quality, and how well your car is maintained. If it has been quite a while since your last battery replacement, you might be due for a new one. If you are having trouble starting your vehicle or have had to jumpstart your car recently, we invite you to bring your car into our ASE certified technicians for an evaluation.

The battery is just one component within the starting and charging system, which includes other parts such as the alternator, the starting motor, various fuses and wiring, and more. In order to understand the issue at hand, we perform testing on your battery to see if it has charge. If the issue isn’t the battery, then we can do further testing of the entire starting and charging system to see if the issue might be a bad alternator, faulty wiring, or other issue.

Here are some of the signs that can indicate you need a new battery:

  • Car doesn’t start
  • Battery warning light has turned on
  • Electrical components aren’t working properly
  • Battery terminals are corroded

If your battery does need to be replaced, we can take care of that for you right here at our shop. Our ASE certified technicians will use the best quality automotive batteries and will ensure that your installation is done right. We never advise our customers to do this themselves at home, because the car battery has various toxins and should be handled by a professional. Plus, our replacement service includes cleaning the battery holder, treating the battery terminals to protect against corrosion, and will ensure that the battery is held tightly in place. We also properly dispose of your old car battery.

When you need car battery replacement in Concord, NH, bring your vehicle into the trusted choice here at Accomplished Auto. Give us a call or schedule an appointment online today!