Shocks, Struts and Springs in Concord, NH

Shocks, Struts and Springs in Concord, NH | Accomplished Auto

Uneven tire wear? Knocking noises? Vehicle does not feel settled through bumps? Bouncing after you go over bumps in the road?

You Probably Need New Shocks!

Springs, shocks and struts are designed to cushion your vehicle's ride. Broken springs and shocks make for an uncomfortable ride. Given the severe driving conditions in our area due to snow, ice, and pot holes, at some point your shocks will need replacing.

Broken springs must be replaced – it is hazardous to drive with a broken spring as parts of the spring may come off and damage other parts of the car and your tires.

Broken shocks and struts are also hazardous as they compromise the handling and steering of your car or truck – which could possibly cause an accident.

During our Courtesy Check – which is provided with each visit – we visually inspect your vehicle. We look at your brakes, tires, and the shocks/springs/struts located behind your tires to make sure things look good. It is especially important to let us know if you are hearing funny noises or if you feel your car is not handling or steering like it should. We'll check it out and drive your car if needed so we can hear and feel what you do.

If we find an issue that needs to be repaired, we will recommend the repair with original equipment or equivalent parts and let you know what the cost will be. We strongly recommend OE parts, as we have experienced premature failures with aftermarket parts. Aftermarket parts can be less expensive but you will be without your vehicle more often due to replacing the same part over and over.