Reliable Wheel Alignments in Concord, NH

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Front and Rear Alignment

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Alignments are important to the overall operation of your vehicle and will prolong the life of your tires.

Is your vehicle out of alignment? It may be if you are experiencing a pulling or drifting to one side, your steering wheel is off center, or you see uneven tire wear. Several things can cause your alignment to be off. Hitting the unavoidable New Hampshire pothole is a frequent cause. Dirt roads can be a problem.

Waiting too long for an alignment could cause steering or suspension issues. If you notice any signs suggesting your vehicle is out of alignment – bring it in soon. We also recommend whenever you change tires that you have an alignment done.

Proper alignment is important. It will keep your car running better and save on gas. Alignment will also make your tires last longer. Alignment is also critical to the proper functioning of active driver assist systems (ADAS) on many newer vehicles. Some will require recalibration of the ADAS along with the alignment, we can handle that as well. Our system can print the results of a wheel alignment – which can be requested for warranty issues and repairs, and it keeps track of your alignment results indefinitely. Remember – correct air pressure in your tires will help them last longer also.

Our digital system allows us to give you the best alignment possible – the same quality you get at a dealership. Our system uses scan tools and camera feedback for exceptional results.