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Your antilock braking system (ABS) is a critical safety feature of todays cars and anytime the yellow ABS warning light is on that system is disabled. The ABS system helps you maintain control of the vehicle by not allowing the wheels to skid out of control, but that is not all. On most vehicles it is also in integral part of skid control and traction control systems helping maintain traction and stability during hard maneuvering. On the latest vehicles it is an integral part of the active driver assist system (ADAS) and can slow and even stop the car under certain conditions. On hybrids it also is used to moderate brakes to allow regenerative braking. The ABS system also needs to be functional as part of NH state inspection if equipped. Our shop accepts all makes and models, so anyone in the capital city can visit us for high-quality service!

Given all this the ABS system is very sophisticated and requires trained experienced personnel to test and repair the ABS system properly so it can perform those critical safety functions. We here at Accomplished Auto have that training and the equipment to properly diagnose so that you can again feel safe and confident that your vehicle will perform under adverse conditions as it should.

Guaranteed Quality

Your vehicle's safety and performance suffer when the ABS system malfunctions. The same is true if low-quality replacement parts are used during your repairs. At Accomplished Auto, we understand that quality counts. That's why we use equipment from original manufacturers or better in our ABS brake services. We want our customers to know that we have their best interests in mind and put our best work into their vehicle's service. You count on us for reliable repairs and we deliver with upstanding, dependable workmanship. We're so confident in our work that we guarantee it with a nationwide 36-month / 36,000-mile warranty! Your new parts and our labor are backed for the duration of the warranty window. If any related issues arise during that time, simply return to our shop for a correction at no additional cost to you!

Convenient Service

ABS problems are a safety issue, but that doesn't mean it's easy to find the time to visit the auto shop. At Accomplished Auto in Concord, New Hampshire, we understand that our customers have busy schedules. We offer conveniences to make their trips to our facility simple and easy, so nothing stands in the way of their essential services. When your vehicle needs ABS brake repair, select an appointment with our online system that works best for you. Our staff will be ready to assist you with free shuttle service to help you get around town. We'll keep in touch with status updates via your preferred method of communication, so you know what's going on with your car every step of the way. For prompt service, simply stop by our shop at 134A Hall Street — no appointment necessary! We are located near the intersection of Routes 93 and 89 – Bow Junction and just up the road from Blue Seal Feeds. Get back on the road safely and with no worries!