Concord State Inspections

Concord State Inspections | Accomplished Auto

New Hampshire Law requires that your vehicle be inspected once a year.

As of May 21, 2018

State Inspections will cost $45.00.

If you schedule other services at the same time you schedule the inspection, State inspection will be $35.00.

Inspection stickers will be placed on the lower drivers side of the windshield beginning in November, 2017. No other decals are allowed in this area.

We will check the following items:

  • Wiper/washer operation/condition
  • Operation/color/brightness of lights
  • Operation/temperature of defrosters
  • Operation of parking brake
  • Operation of doors/latches/windows
  • Condition of mirrors
  • Safety switches and electrical system
  • Integrity/condition-body/frame parts
  • Condition of steering components
  • Condition of suspension components
  • Condition of wheels/tires, tread depth
  • Condition of exhaust components
  • Brake components condition/wear
  • Emissions system components/operation
  • license plate/registration
  • Items not on list specific to vehicle

If your vehicle does not pass State Inspection, you will still need to pay the fee for the inspection. If you have us make the needed repairs, as soon as repairs are complete, we will install your sticker.

If you have repairs or maintenance done due to codes or lights on your dash, please note it will probably be necessary for you to drive your vehicle for several days, at varying speeds, in order to reset the monitors in your vehicle. Please bring your vehicle back to us, we will run the OBD scan again to make sure the codes have been cleared, and then we will install your sticker. There is no additional fee for this. It will take only about 15 minutes to re-check your vehicle and install the sticker – no appointment needed.