Air Bag Light in Concord, NH

Air Bag Light in Concord, NH | Accomplished Auto

Your air bag is a critical safety system that we all hope you never need to use. But in this case if the air bag light stays illuminated after its self test the system is disabled. Without the air bag operational if the unexpected happens and there is a crash it will not deploy greatly increasing the odds of severe injury. This system not only includes the airbag in your steering wheel but side curtain and other bags hidden under panels around the vehicle as well as the seat belt retractors seat sensors etcetera depending on application.

These systems involve explosive charges and sensitive crash detectors that if not handled properly can cause damage to people and property. Any time that there is a fault in the system you should bring your vehicle to someone that is properly trained and equipped to work on these systems. We here at Accomplished Auto have that training and equipment to properly test and repair your air bag system. This way if the unforeseen happens you will know that the system will be able to do its best to protect you and your loved ones.