How to Avoid Engine Trouble on Long Road Trips

Avoiding Engine Problems - Concord | Accomplished Auto

Are you about to go on a long road trip? If so, make sure to read along because we will go over a few commonly overlooked tips to ensure your trip will be hassle-free. To be more precise, we will share tips to avoid engine problems when on an adventure, so keep reading to find out more!

Is Your Oil Good To Go?

Oil, oil, oil! Check your oil levels and its condition. If the levels are low, make sure to top it off. And when it comes to its quality, watch out for metal specks. While it's normal for it to get darker, metal particles are a very big problem. Make sure to visit a repair shop before your adventure if you want a professional opinion.

Change The Filters

Change the three main filters: the air, oil, and cabin filters. The air filter, as its name implies, filters the air that goes into your engine. Oil filters filter the oil that is constantly running through your engine, and when clogged, they result in a lot of issues. And finally, the cabin air filter will make sure the air you are breathing doesn't have an odor or any contaminants from the outside. 

Are Your Wheels Aligned?

What do wheels have to do with the engine? Well, the simple answer is that when your wheels are misaligned, the whole powertrain starts to experience excess stress - resulting in the engine working harder. This is especially true if the wheels are extremely unaligned, so make sure you check on them.

Propper Fuel Type

Using the proper fuel for your engine can prolong its life quite a bit. If you are using a lower octane rating than recommended, you cause the engine to work harder, resulting in damage to the cylinders, crankshafts, and pistons.

Vehicle Maintenance At Accomplished Auto!

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