Why Are OIl Changes So Important?

Motor is the lifeblood of your engine. WIthout it, your engine simply would last due to the lack of lubrication. There’s more to an oil change than just replacing the fluid itself. Oil changes are best done by professionals, as we can also replace your oil filters and check other car components. 


Most oil and filter changes don’t take longer than 1 hour. The service is quicker than most auto services, but still, many people make excuses for not getting them done on time. It is so important to not miss your oil changes because the oil collects tons of dirt, dust, and debris over time. To effectively lubricate your engine parts, you need clean, flowing oil.


Here are some reasons why oil changes are so important:

  • Protection against corrosion - Oil serves as a protective layer against moisture, dirt, dust, and other corrosive elements. 
  • Limits wear and tear of engine parts - Excess friction can wear down your engine. When your engine is properly lubricated, you won’t have to worry about the parts bumping against each other.
  • Cools engine - Engine oil prevents excessive heat from building in your engine by reducing friction.
  • Keeps debris out - When there’s an increase in friction between engine parts, there's a higher likelihood of metal shavings and other debris from getting into the engine.
  • Improves fuel mileage - When you have old oil running in your engine, you engine will have to work harder. Thus, it will consume more fuel.
  • Extends engine life & reduces repairs down the line - Oil helps your engine perform smoothly. With less strain on your engine, you will have less repairs down the line.
  • Increases the value of the car - By having frequent oil changes, you can benefit by having a higher resale or trade-in value for your car in the future.

If you’re due for an oil change, please do not wait to call or schedule an appointment with the experts at Accomplished Auto today.