Cabin Air filter the forgotten service

Cabin Air filter the forgotten service


My last blog post I talked about AC service and the various types of refrigerant. This time I want to talk about a related service that is often-overlooked, the cabin filter.

The cabin filter is important to the proper functioning of you air conditioning and heating system. It filters the air coming into your HVAC system. This removes dust dirt and allergens so that you can breathe easier. It also has the effect of preventing a lot of that dirt and debris getting to the heater and evaporator cores. These are the devices that add or take away heat to keep you cool or warm. This is important for the air conditioning evaporator core. Because it often gets wet from condensation that can attract dirt. This dirt can and does become a breeding ground for mold and bacteria. This not only can coat the evaporator core and cause the efficiency to drop. It can introduce odors and allergens that are not particularly good for you as well.

If you service the cabin filter, you can reduce dirt, allergen and odor issues. Yet even with regular service you can still have mold, allergens and odor issues. This is why we also offer deodorization services. This can be as simple as adding a mist BG Frigi-fresh cleaner through the system.

This will kill off any mold and bacteria. As a routine service with cabin filter will help prevent the buildup of odor causing mold and bacteria.

If there is a noticeable odor or your vehicle does not have or has a long-neglected filter. Then Accomplished Auto 134 Hall St Ste A Concord NH 03301 603-226-6630, can do a BG Frigi-Clean service. After making sure that your condensate drain is clean and clear. Which is important for cleaning, and for getting rid of condensation. We then access your evaporator core, usually through the cabin filter. Some cars may need more work to access. We only need a small opening as we use a long wand to get foam cleaner onto core. This will dissolve dirt and debris as well as kill mold and bacteria. Then AC system is then run to dissolve the foam and drain it out through the drain carrying dirt and debris with it.

These services will keep your cabin air clean and fresh.


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