What Happens If I Ignore My Low Tire Pressure Warning Light?

Tires are crucial to a safe driving experience. Your car has a pressure detector that lets you know when you have low tire pressure. When the warning light appears on the dashboard, you should pay attention to it. You can quickly restore air pressure in the wheels and avoid any adverse repercussions of low tire pressure. Knowing what happens when you ignore the low tire pressure warning light will give you a sense of perspective and encourage you to fix the issue immediately.

Tire Deterioration

Your tires are designed to work optimally at a particular air pressure. At that pressure, the tires can optimally handle the car's weight, including any load it is carrying. When you ignore the low tire pressure warning light, you dramatically increase the wear and tear on your tires.
Tires with low tire pressure have to flex more, and generate more heat. The heat causes the tire to break down and expands the air in the tires to cause a blowout, destroying the tire completely.


Low tire pressure will negatively affect your driving, increasing your risk of getting into a car accident.
You will get less traction from the tires, which endangers your safety, especially in cold and wet weather conditions. You also will reduce the car's ability to absorb impacts on the road, for example, when you hit potholes.
Low tire pressure will cause your vehicle to consume fuel less efficiently. If you are on a long journey, you may run out of fuel before you get to a fuel station. It also costs you more money due to the increased fuel consumption.

What To Do When The Warning Light Appears

When the low tire pressure warning light comes on, drive for a while to see if the light disappears. Cold weather could cause a drop in air pressure.
If the light persists, you should enter the next service station you see and increase the tire pressure. The low pressure may be symptomatic of a puncture or other tire issues.

Please bring your vehicle to Accomplished Auto if you need tire repair.