What Are the Must-See Road Trip Destinations in New Hampshire?

What Are the Must-See Road Trip Destinations in New Hampshire? | Accomplished Auto

Embark on a journey of discovery through the captivating landscapes of New Hampshire with Accomplished Auto as your trusted guide. From majestic waterfalls to haunted sites steeped in history, New Hampshire offers an array of road trip adventures waiting to be explored.

1. The Ultimate New Hampshire Waterfall Road Trip

Embark on a journey through the breathtaking White Mountains, where you'll discover a cascade of stunning waterfalls. Each stop promises awe-inspiring natural beauty, from the majestic Flume Gorge to the tranquil Diana's Baths. Don't forget your camera – you'll want to capture every moment of this unforgettable adventure.

Duration: 2-3 days


  1. Start in Lincoln, NH: Begin your journey in Lincoln, a scenic town nestled in the heart of the White Mountains.
  2. Franconia Notch State Park: Explore Franconia Notch, home to the iconic Flume Gorge and the tranquil Basin.
  3. Crawford Notch State Park: Discover Crawford Notch, where you can hike to the awe-inspiring Arethusa Falls and Ripley Falls.
  4. Diana’s Baths (North Conway): Visit Diana’s Baths in North Conway, a series of cascading waterfalls set amidst a beautiful forest.
  5. Glen Ellis Falls: Marvel at Glen Ellis Falls, a spectacular 64-foot waterfall accessible via a scenic trail.
  6. Jackson Falls: Conclude your trip at Jackson Falls, where you can relax by the cascading waters before returning to Lincoln.

2. The Terrifying Haunted New Hampshire Road Trip

For those brave enough to seek thrills of a different kind, venture into the realm of the paranormal with a haunted road trip. Explore eerie sites like the Pine Hill Cemetery and the Ocean-Born Mary House, where ghostly legends come to life. With the crisp autumn air adding to the spooky atmosphere, this road trip promises spine-tingling chills and unforgettable encounters.

Duration: 1-2 days (best during fall)


  1. Portsmouth: Start your journey in Portsmouth and explore its historic sites and haunted locations.
  2. Wentworth by the Sea: Visit the haunted Wentworth by the Sea Hotel and uncover its ghostly tales.
  3. Isles of Shoals: Take a boat tour to the Isles of Shoals and learn about its eerie legends and mysteries.
  4. Pine Hill Cemetery (Dover): Explore Pine Hill Cemetery, rumored to be haunted by restless spirits.
  5. The Ocean-Born Mary House (Henniker): Discover the legend of Ocean-Born Mary and her ghostly presence.
  6. Madame Sherri Forest (Chesterfield): Explore the ruins of Madame Sherri’s castle and delve into its haunted history.
  7. End in Concord: Conclude your spooky adventure in Concord, reflecting on the chilling tales of New Hampshire’s haunted past.

3. The Natural Wonders Road Trip

Experience the wonders of nature on a scenic drive through the White Mountains. Each stop offers a glimpse into the region's natural splendor, from the iconic Mount Washington Auto Road to the awe-inspiring Cathedral Ledge. Whether you're marveling at towering waterfalls or soaking in panoramic vistas, this road trip will leave you in awe of New Hampshire's beauty.

Duration: 1-2 days


  1. Start in Lincoln, NH: Begin your journey in Lincoln, the gateway to the White Mountains.
  2. The Mount Washington Auto Road: Drive or take the cog railway up Mount Washington for breathtaking views of the surrounding landscapes.
  3. Cathedral Ledge: Visit Cathedral Ledge for panoramic vistas and rock climbing opportunities.
  4. Arethusa Falls: Hike to Arethusa Falls, the highest waterfall in New Hampshire, located in Crawford Notch State Park.
  5. The Basin: Explore the Basin, a natural rock formation carved by the Pemigewasset River.
  6. End in North Conway: Conclude your trip in North Conway, a charming town surrounded by natural beauty.
  7. Remember: Stay hydrated, wear comfortable clothing, and pack essentials like snacks and a first-aid kit for your outdoor adventures.

4. The Fall Foliage Road Trip

Embark on a journey through a kaleidoscope of colors with a fall foliage road trip through the heart of New Hampshire. Witness the magic of autumn as you traverse the scenic Kancamagus Highway and explore charming towns like North Conway and Jackson. With every twist and turn, you'll be greeted by nature's stunning display of reds, golds, and oranges.

Duration: 2-3 days (best during late September to early October)


  1. Start in Concord, NH: Begin your journey in Concord, the capital city of New Hampshire.
  2. Head North on I-93: Drive through the scenic White Mountains region, admiring the vibrant foliage along the way.
  3. Franconia Notch State Park: Stop at Franconia Notch to explore the Flume Gorge and enjoy the picturesque views.
  4. Kancamagus Highway (Route 112): Take the famous Kancamagus Highway, renowned for its stunning fall foliage and scenic overlooks.
  5. North Conway: Explore North Conway, a charming town surrounded by colorful forests and offering a variety of outdoor activities.
  6. Crawford Notch State Park: Visit Crawford Notch and hike to Arethusa Falls, immersing yourself in the beauty of the autumn landscape.
  7. Pinkham Notch: Admire the views of Mount Washington and the Presidential Range before returning to Concord.

5. The Covered Bridges Road Trip

Discover the rustic charm of New Hampshire's covered bridges on a leisurely road trip through the countryside. Each bridge tells a story of bygone days, from the historic Honeymoon Bridge in Jackson to the picturesque Swift River Bridge in North Conway. Take a step back in time as you meander through quaint towns and soak in the timeless beauty of these architectural treasures.

Duration: 1-2 days


  1. Start in Jackson: Begin your journey in Jackson and visit the Honeymoon Bridge, a classic covered bridge spanning the Ellis River.
  2. Conway: Drive to Conway and explore the Saco River Bridge, offering scenic views of the river and surrounding foliage.
  3. Bartlett: Head to Bartlett and cross the Bartlett Covered Bridge, a red-painted beauty dating back to the 1800s.
  4. North Conway: Discover the Swift River Bridge in North Conway, known for its rustic charm and picturesque setting.
  5. Tamworth: Visit Tamworth and admire the Chocorua Lake Bridge, which provides stunning views of Mount Chocorua and the lake.
  6. Wentworth: End your road trip in Wentworth, where you’ll find the Smith Mill Bridge, offering a serene spot for reflection by the Baker River.
  7. Remember: Take your time to appreciate the historic covered bridges and capture some memorable photos along the way!

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