What Are Factory Recommended Services?

Buying a car is fun, exciting, and a major accomplishment for most people. It also comes with big responsibilities, like buying insurance, keeping up with tags and registrations, paying for gas, and (most importantly) getting proper car maintenance. Typically, when you buy a car, the dealer will remind you of your regular service intervals, alongside the factory-recommended items.


Every manufacturer has a list of specific tasks that should be done at x amount of miles. Typically, oil changes are recommended every 5,000 miles, give or take, along with having the oil filter replaced. Some factory-recommended service intervals involve minor services, while some require major services. Usually, when a car hits 30K, 60K, or 90K, more services need to be done beyond a straightforward oil change.


You might wonder, why do they have the recommendations in place? There are three good reasons why you should keep up with this maintenance:

  1. They can improve your gas mileage - This especially holds true for oil changes and tire rotations, as both are beneficial in maintaining good gas mileage while extending the life of your vehicle. 
  2. They can prevent expensive repairs - By going in to have your vehicle serviced on schedule, the technician can uncover minor problems and fix them quickly. It can prevent a minor fix from becoming a major repair. 
  3. It helps to extend the life of your vehicle and its parts - For instance, having your oil changed regularly and keeping all fluids filled can keep your parts lubricated and run without complications. You will need fewer parts replaced in the long run.

Any time you are uncertain about your vehicle's service needs, you can count on the automotive experts at Accomplished Auto to answer your questions. Our technicians can advise you on precisely what your vehicle needs. We invite you to bring your vehicle to our Concord auto service shop today!