Top 6 Signs You Need Suspension Repair

The vehicle's suspension system (i.e., shocks or struts) is a part of our cars that we take for granted. These parts will wear out after holding tons of metal year after year, and you will need suspension repair. Some people only associate shocks and struts with the smoothness of a ride, so they don't consider it a must-have service. However, having poor suspension can significantly impact your control and handling of your vehicle, especially during turns and stops. So how do you know if these parts are worn out?

Rough ride

A suspension inspection is necessary if you begin to feel every bump in the road or when every divot in the road causes the car to "bounce". 

Drifting or pulling

With a faulty suspension system, you might feel the vehicle drift left or right when you're making a turn. That means that your shocks are no longer keeping the vehicle body down against the centrifugal force. It's time to get your car to the shop before your car turns over!

Dips or "nose dives"

Your car's body will lurch forward and downward nose-first when you firmly press on the brake pedal. It can also significantly impact your brake time; in fact, poor suspension can increase stopping time by up to 20 percent!

Uneven tread

If your tires are suffering from premature wear or have bald spots, this is often a sign that the suspension isn't carrying the car evenly. 

Damaged, "oily" shocks

If the shocks themselves look greasy or oily, there's a high possibility of them leaking fluid. This certainly requires suspension repair!

Fails the "bounce test"

You can try the trusty "bounce test" at home to determine whether your vehicle needs suspension repair. With the car parked on a flat surface, press down on the corners of your car with your weight. Once you release your body weight, see what it does. The suspension needs to be replaced if the car continues to rock or sway more than 2x-3x after releasing it.


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