The Perfect Emergency Car Kit for Cold Weather

At Accomplished Auto, we understand how devastating an unwanted breakdown can be. It is scary, and it can be even more complicated when it happens in below-freezing temperatures. Road hazards are more common this time of year, so we want to remind you to pack an emergency car kit. Whether you get a flat tire or are stuck in inclement weather, having these emergency items on hand can help you out in one way or another. 

  • Ice Scraper - When the temperature in NH dips, an ice scraper can make your mornings go by quicker. They make clearing off your windshield much easier, so you can get peak visibility. 
  • First Aid Kit - It doesn’t matter whether your car is broken down or not, but you're and your passenger’s safety comes first. If someone is minorly injured or simply not feeling well, this can come in handy.
  • Phone Charger (Preferably Portable) - Say you get stranded in the middle of nowhere. You’re going to need your phone, whether it be to pull up a map or to call a friend or roadside assistance.
  • Flashlight - When you experience car troubles at night or in a poorly-lit place, a flashlight can help you see what is going on with your car. It makes checking under the hood easy as well.
  • Jumper Cables - We understand the inconvenience of a dead battery, which is why we always recommend carrying along a set of jumper cables. 
  • Extra Car Fluids - Carrying an extra bottle of wiper fluid, coolant, and even gasoline can never hurt. If your car needs extra juice, you’ll have it on the spot.
  • Tire Gauge - Monitoring your tire pressure is such an important task but even more so in the colder months. The colder weather can cause the air in your tires to contract. This tool will help you spot underinflation and prevent the problems related to driving with underinflated tires.
  • Spare Tire, Jack, and Wrench - This trio can save you a ton of money if you ever experience a flat tire. 
  • Rope and Sand or Kitty Litter - If you ever get stuck in the snow, these can help your tire regain traction.

We hope this list gives you an idea of what you should do add to your vehicle’s emergency kit this time of year. We invite you to Accomplished Auto for all your maintenance and auto repair needs. Let us keep you safer on the road by performing quality services.