Signs It's Time for a Fuel System Cleaning

Like all other parts of your car, the fuel system requires regular maintenance. Unfortunately, most car owners do not comprehend the need for fuel system cleaning until they notice reduced power, particularly while driving uphill, difficult starts, and slow accelerations. You can avoid these problems, though, if you regularly have your mechanic clean your fuel system.

Schedule a fuel system cleaning service once you notice any of the following warning signs:

1. Misfiring Engine

If the fuel injectors in your car are dirty or clogged, the engine might misfire. This will make your engine sound like it's sputtering and will make your car shake or lurch. This is because the fuel injectors are not supplying enough air/fuel mixture.

2. Poor Gas Mileage

Since the fuel injection system is designed to distribute fuel in exact proportions to optimize engine performance, when it gets blocked, fuel efficiency tends to deteriorate. A clogged fuel injection system might be to blame if you notice that your car is getting fewer miles per gallon than before.

3. Deterioration in performance

If the engine is not receiving enough fuel, you may feel acceleration lag; clogged fuel injectors are a possible cause. A sufficient amount of fuel is required for optimal combustion. If the engine isn't getting enough fuel, combustion might slow down, which would make the engine less powerful.

4. Tachometer Needle Dancing

This is an unusual yet typical sign of blocked injectors. If your injectors are clogged, the tachometer (the indicator that indicates how many RPMs your car is producing) will dance higher and lower. This is due to the erratic fuel flow affecting the car's RPMs.

5. Problems with idle and startup

Another indicator of a malfunctioning fuel system is difficulty starting and/or harsh idling. If you're having difficulties starting your car and smell fuel, the fuel pump may be stuck open, enabling fuel to flood your engine. If your car idles jerkily, it's likely that your engine isn't getting enough fuel.

How Can We Help?

The condition of your car's fuel system has a substantial influence on engine performance and fuel mileage. The periodic fuel system cleaning guarantees that all components of the system are clear of dirt, grime, and debris caused by wear and tear. Therefore, it saves money and avoids unanticipated breakdowns. If you need fuel system repair, we invite you to bring your vehicle to Accomplished Auto in Concord, NH today!