New air conditioning refrigerants

 New air conditioning refrigerants


For a long time now, most vehicles have been using R134A as the refrigerant of choice in air conditioning. Most shops that can service air conditioning performance issues can service those systems. Things are changing though. If you have a newer car and the air conditioning no longer blows cold you no longer can take it to any shop. You need one like Accomplished Auto 134 Hall St Ste A Concord NH 03301, 603-226-6630. We have the equipment, and expertise to service air conditioning with both R134A and R1234YF refrigerant.


A little History. Starting around 2014, Fiat Chrysler, and General Motors Cadillac, started the transition to the new R1234YF. Soon all the other manufacturers, Domestic, Asian and European followed suit. So, if you have a vehicle newer than 2014 there is a good chance it has R1234YF and the newer it is the more likely to have it. Today 90% of vehicles use R1234YF.


What does that mean to you and your vehicle? It operates the same as the old standard. You should be able to maintain a comfortable cool interior as the summer heats up. It also means that your vehicle is much better for the environment. R1234YF has a far lower greenhouse gas coefficient. That means if the air conditioning no longer works and is leaking it is less harmful to the environment.


It also means that not any shop can service a R1234YF system and there are other service constraints on our end. The industry learned its lesson from the last time it changed refrigerant. Now all recycling equipment must be able to identify the refrigerant before recycling. Also, because R1234YF is slightly flammable precautions in handling and leak tests are more important.


It is also a far more expensive refrigerant. This makes proper repair, leak testing, and recycling critical. If your air conditioning is no longer keeping you cool. Give us a call at Accomplished Auto 134 Hall St Ste A Concord NH 03301, 603-226-6630.