It May Be Time for A Brake Fluid Flush

When most drivers think of brake maintenance, they only consider their brake pads. Brake fluid can go completely forgotten about, leading it to become old and ineffective. Having the brake pads inspected every so often is a great idea, but they may still be useless if the brake system needs to be flushed. Over time the brake fluid can become contaminated and discolored. When brake fluid becomes worn, topping it off won’t fix it because it will need to be replaced. Bleeding or flushing the brake fluid can restore your brake system; however, a brake flush would be the better alternative. What’s the difference between bleeding versus flushing the brakes?

Bleeding the brakes

If your brake pads are severely worn, air can become trapped inside the system. Air can become trapped from poor driving habits such as slamming on the brakes or significantly worn brake pads. If there is air inside the brake system, its performance can be considerably impacted. If you step on your brake pedal, it may be spongy and ineffective. Leading the brake system to be less safe and more dangerous. New brake fluid is pumped through the brake lines during a brake bleeding to remove any trapped air. All four brakes will be bled individually to restore their functionality.

Brake Flush 

The brake flush service is more productive because it’s a process that goes a step beyond bleeding the brake lines. During a brake flush service, all of the old brake fluid is flushed out and replaced with new fluid. If you’re noticing several signs of failing brakes, a brake flush would be a great add-on to restore complete functionality. 

What are the signs the brake fluid has gone bad? 

  • The brake fluid is low. 
  • The brake pedal feels spongy. 
  • Your vehicle is hard to stop. 
  • The check engine light comes on. 
  • The brake fluid is dark and discolored.

Brake Maintenance and Repair in Concord, NH

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