How Are Tires Made?

It is a fascinating subject to learn how things are manufactured. Perhaps you have ever wondered how your car was pieced together to become the wholesome functioning machine. But do you know how tires are made? The process is not very complicated, but the steps involved are important for producing high-quality tires. So, what is the process?

The process begins with carefully selecting rubber, a natural polymer occurring as milky latex from the plant Hevea brasiliensis. The rubber will be combined with special oils, pigments, silica alongside, and other additives in a Banbury mixer into a homogenous substance with the consistency of gum. The material will make sidewalls and threads to form parts of the tire.

The assembly process starts with the inner liner, made of rubber material resistant to penetration by air and water. Next, the plies and belts are attached to provide the required strength and flexibility. Then steel wires coated with bronze get implanted on the sidewalls to make an airtight fit for the wheel. When all the parts are pressed together, you have a finished tire. However, the tire cannot be used until it is cured.

The curing process happens inside a mold, where the tire is inflated to take shape and form. The tire is then heated for about 3000F. While different sizes of tires take different periods to cure, about 15 minutes is enough time for most small vehicle tires. Off-road and large tires take up to a day to cure because of their size.

Once cured, the tires have to undergo an inspection process that checks for mistakes and deformations. If the tire looks good, it then moves on to the testing stage. Some tires may be cut apart or run on test wheels to confirm they meet the required standards in the inspection and testing stage.

Every tire that hits the market is ready for use. However, this does not mean you cannot encounter problems like tires wearing out or a flat tire. If you run into such inconveniences, we have a solution for you. Let Accomplished Auto take care of all your tire services!