How are Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) Repaired?

If you are hearing about Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) for the first time, they are electronic safety systems installed in vehicles to help with driving and parking. ADAS is a vital part of most modern vehicles' safety functions. Besides your safety as the driver, they enhance your passengers' safety and other people you are sharing the road with, including pedestrians.

ADAS Features

Any car leaving the factory today has at least two or three ADAS features.

They include:

• Rearview, front, and side cameras

• Computer imaging technology

• Adaptive cruise control (ACC)

• Autonomous emergency braking (AEB)

• Autonomous braking system (ABS)

• Intelligent speed assist (ISA)

Functions of ADAS Systems

ADAS systems play four main functions in your car, they include:

  • Alerting you of any potential dangers on the road.
  • Monitoring things like the tire pressure and any blind spots.
  • To adjust settings to adapt to the surrounding environment.
  • To automatically adjust some processes such as the autonomous braking system.

If you have an ADAS-equipped vehicle, it's your duty to maintain it consistent with the original equipment manufacturer manual. You need to always be careful about who you trust to repair your car; they better be qualified and experienced. Below are some of the things you need to know about your potential repairer

  • Find out if they have OEM certifications.
  • Find out if they have the tools needed to repair the car and recalibrate the ADAS.
  • Ask if they follow OEM repair guidelines.
  • Get to know if the pre and post-scanning are outsourced or done by their staff.

Every year, we have new car models released to the market. What that means is that the ADAS embedded in them is also new. That said, you need to always take your car to our trusted repair shop. We have qualified technicians who can accurately diagnose any damage with your ADAS and flawlessly fix it. Our shop is always investing in new technologies and trends to ensure we can handle all car models, modern or new.

If you need ADAS repair, give our auto repair shop a call today!