Can the Autumn Leaves Harm My Vehicle?

Fall is finally here, and that means chilly weather, bundling up in sweaters, pumpkin spice lattes, and of course the color-changing leaves. If you’re a seasoned vehicle owner, you know that seasonal shifts bring new challenges for our cars. One common car problem that isn’t talked about this time of year is those brought about by the fallen leaves. Read on to learn how fall leaves can cause costly damage to your automobile.

  • PAINT - To understand how the leaves can hurt your car’s protective coating, you should know that leaves are dirty. They contain sap, pollen, and other contaminants that can mix with rainwater, making it acidic. When these leaves linger on your car, they can eat away your vehicle’s paint and leave behind unpleasant marks. 
  • WHEELS - Driving over a bed of slimy leaves may seem fine at first, but they’re a lot slippier than you think. Leaves can also hide road markings, bumps, potholes, and other sneaky obstacles. Therefore, please proceed with caution when driving over a sheet of leaves. 
  • ENGINE - We’ve all been victims of having leaves clutter around our windshield during this time of year. In some cases, they can sneak their way into the engine compartment. Fortunately, the air filter should kick in to block it out. However, it can cause your filter to deteriorate quicker.
  • LEAKS - Dead leaves tend to clog and contaminate the drain holes that eliminate the water lingering on your windshield. When the drains get jammed with leaves, they can cause water to leak inside your car instead. Not only can this be messy, smelly, and a major inconvenience, but it can permanently damage your vehicle’s interior.

We urge you to be careful with where you drive/park and how you drive this season. If you are in need of fall automotive maintenance or repairs, look no further than the motor experts at Accomplished Auto. We look forward to hearing from you!