Benefits of the Power Window System

Now that it is warmer in Concord, NH, we are more inclined to cruise around town with our windows down. Since we are always in a hurry, we often take our cars for granted, especially the power windows. Did you know that decades ago, you would have to manually crank your window up and down? Let’s check out the pros of power windows vs manual windows.



  • Safety Features
    • If you have younger children, you may want to look for a Vehicle with functioning power windows. Most parents may be hesitant to leave their kids in the back seat with power windows for fear that they could injure themselves by messing with the window buttons. Have no fear with power windows as they have rear window locks or child-safety locks to prevent passengers from messing with the windows. 
    • If you forget to initiate the lock feature, have no fear. Most modern vehicles have an automatic detection feature that distinguishes objects between the window and its closing point. If something exists, then the window will not close. 
  • Convenience
    • The driver now has the ability to autonomously control all windows with a power window system. Whereas with a manual window, only the person nearest to a window can control it. This makes it a complete hassle when one of your passengers accidentally leaves a window rolled down. The driver must always make sure that all windows are securely closed before leaving their vehicle to prevent water or sun damage to the interior of the vehicle. With power windows, it will only take a couple of seconds to simultaneously close (or open) your windows.

While your power windows may be operative now, they can abruptly stop working at any minute, particularly in older models with less advanced technology—motors can burn out or wiring can become faulty and malfunction.


If you are having complications with your power windows, then swing by Accomplished Auto. The culprit might mostly be attributed to an electrical system issue, but you can never be too sure. Our certified technicians can assess your power windows and propose the right solution to fix the issue. Give us a call or visit our shop today in Concord, NH.