Monthly Archives: March 2020

Coronavirus Preparedness Procedure

The Coronavirus spread has been declared a pandemic. In addition to the steps we started taking a couple of weeks back, we now have to understand that we as a team must act in unity to assist the ongoing efforts at the local, state and federal levels to contain the spread of the virus. To this end, please see below the procedure we will be adopting effective immediately and until further notice. Vehicle Check in and Checkout: It is always better to act early and upstream in the case of sanitization. To this end, we will be handling all vehicles as follows: Customer Vehicles: At check in, whoever gets to work on the car first will do the following: Wear latex gloves Secure a sanitizing wipe. Starting at the rear left door, wipe down the door handle. Proceed to the trunk lid where you will wipe the trunk latch.  Proceed to the right rear door and wipe down the door handle. Proceed to the Driver door and wipe down that handle.  Open the ... read more