5 Symptoms Of Cooling System Problems

Engines operate at very high temperatures, which are regulated by the cooling system. If the temperature passes a certain point, they start to experience a lot of problems. As a result, your vehicle might end up in a repair shop for serious and costly procedures. That's why we have put together five symptoms that indicate cooling problems - they are specific to the cooling system, so you don't get confused.

Error Code Pop-Up

Is an error code popping up every time you start the car or maybe when you drive it for a few miles? Whichever the case may be, the error code might be for a cooling problem. While there are many codes, a few, such as "P2181," indicate that your engine is not running at an optimal temperature. Depending on the make and model, they can be different, but make sure to check it out at a repair shop ASAP.

Dashboard Lights

The dashboard is home to a lot of lights, including a few related to the cooling system. If you spot a light resembling a thermostat or cooling unit, a mechanic visit is advised. Sometimes it can even be a check engine light.

Antifreeze Or Coolant Smell

Weird smells are a clear giveaway of certain problems. For example, an antifreeze smell means that there is most likely a leak in the system. This can lead to further complications like overheating and engine damage.

Coolant Leaks

Coolant leaks can be spotted by the smell or a stain/puddle on the driveway. While a little leak can seem like nothing, it can grow into a much bigger problem. That is because of the constant pressure on the leak, it starts to get bigger and bigger over time. Visiting a repair shop is advised, so you don't damage other important systems and parts.


The most obvious sign of cooling system problems is overheating. This can be seen by the temperature or oil pressure gauge. This is a sign that should not be ignored. Visit a mechanic, so they can take a closer look and do whatever is necessary.

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