5 Essential Spring Car Care Tips

Your car must be fit to take on each season’s new challenges. With spring finally here, you should follow these 5 essential tips to ensure your car runs at peak performance. 

1. Check Tire Pressure, Tread, and Condition

Many vehicle owners tend to forget that the air pressure in their tires expands as the temperature outside increases. As spring temperatures climb, your tires may become overinflated without you even knowing. To prevent damaging your tires, please remember to check and adjust its pressure. Plus, check your treads using the penny test to ensure. If they’re under 2/32”, you must replace your tires.

2. Change Oil and Oil Filter

As engine oil flows through your engine, it picks up contaminants along the way. With time, the oil filter can become dirty and causes the motor oil to break down. Make sure your engine has clean oil and filters to extend your engine life.

3. Test Vehicle Lights

It would be wise for you to do a walkaround to ensure that your turn signals, brake lights, and tail lights are working properly. If they’re dim or burnt out, please make sure to replace the bulb.

4. Check Battery Charge

Please make sure your battery is free of corrosion. Additionally, you should test your car battery to see if it can hold a sufficient charge. Otherwise, you may suffer from car starts later on in the spring and summer.

5. Windshield Wiper Maintenance

No driver wants to struggle seeing out their streaky or dirty windshield. If you want clear vision throughout the spring, please remember to top off your windshield washer fluid reservoir and replace worn wiper blades. 

If you need help freshening up your vehicle for spring, we invite you to Accomplished Auto in Concord, NH for auto maintenance today.