3 Signs It’s Time for New Coil Springs

Driving the same vehicle for several years can lead to natural wear and tear. Over time you’re bound to experience a decrease in performance at one point or another. Various issues can occur, and one of the most common is within the suspension system. Trucks that use coil springs can encounter several problems. Shocks and coil springs are critical for a car to support its weight and effectively handle potholes and speed bumps. Worn coil springs can not only cause an uncomfortable drive but a dangerous one. Damaged coil springs can make your truck unstable. Below are three major signs it’s time to replace the coil springs.  

Your vehicle sags.
Coil springs balance the weight of your vehicle. If the coil springs are damaged, the car will sag downward. You’ll notice this more if your car is packed close to weight capacity. The sagging may be unnoticeable initially but may feel like it’s leaning when you sit in the driver’s seat. If you park on a flat road, the sagging may be visually noticeable. 

The drive has become noisy.
A healthy suspension system manages bumps on the roads and limits the road noise experienced while commuting. A significant sign there’s a problem with the suspension is a drive that’s gotten noisier over time. The more deteriorated the coils are, the louder the vehicle will become. Excessive noise should be inspected when you notice it, even if the sound isn’t coming from the suspension system. 

There’s unusual bouncing.
An obvious sign of faulty suspension is unintended car movements. If your vehicle struggles to handle speed bumps or turns without bouncing excessively, the coil springs may be worn. The drive should remain stable even when slowing down. It’s essential to pay attention to any bouncing, as it usually occurs over time. 

Suspension maintenance and repair in Concord, NH

At Accomplished Auto, our team is composed of ASE certified technicians and a Master technician. We have been the suspension experts in Concord, NH, for over 20 years. We are a trusted Napa Auto shop that specializes in all vehicle makes and models. If you notice any of the above signs, don’t wait until the symptoms get work. Reach out to one of our helpful service advisers to schedule an appointment. If repairs are needed, we have a shuttle service and loaner cars available. You don’t have to wait until the next morning to pick up your vehicle after hours pick up is available. Click here to schedule an appointment or give us a call at 603-931-4142. 


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