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Extended Life Oil Filters

Premium Blended or Fully Synthetic Oils

It’s Not JUST an Oil Change!

Loyalty Oil Change Program

Beginning December 1, 2017, we will keep a record of all oil changes for each of your vehicles.


Buy 4 oil changes and get the fifth one free – no more punched key tags!

At Accomplished Auto, an oil change is more than simply changing the oil and filter in your vehicle.  It’s a opportunity to have your car or light truck looked over to make sure it is in good working order!


Most manufacturers now recommend 5,000 miles or more between oil changes.  That’s wonderful – as long as you use filters and oils meant to last the manufacturer’s suggested intervals.


We use extended life oil filters and blended or fully synthetic oils.  Yes, they cost a bit more, but you will be changing your oil and filters less often, saving you time and money.  We suggest customers come back about halfway through the suggested interval – we will check your oil levels for you and confirm all is well.


As part of your oil change, we lube or grease all fittings and places that need lubrication.  This includes your door hinges which can become dirty and squeaky and not operate well over time.  We use a special lubricant for doors that ‘dries’ to a waxy finish so you don’t get grease on your clothes.


With each visit, we perform our Courtesy Check.  This check reviews the health of your car or light truck.  We note all our findings on our repair order and share all results with you.  This Check alerts you to items that may need repair or maintenance right away, and lets you plan for upcoming maintenance and repairs.  We check all light bulbs, fluid levels, tire tread and pressures – adding air if needed, coolant condition, test your battery, and top off your windshield washer fluid.
We think of this as a check up for your car.  Our commitment to being professional and responsible means if we see something wrong with your vehicle, we will tell you about it.


To do less is irresponsible.

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