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Timing Belts            Serpentine or Fan Belts

Water Hoses             Coolant Hoses


You may need a new belt or hose if:

You hear a squealing sound


Battery warning lights appear on your dash


Little or no heat or air conditioning


Rough idle or overheating

We can Replace Them All – Hopefully Before They Break.

Sometimes it’s very clear – you can see the leak or the broken hose or belt.


Sometimes it’s not so clear.

We recommend a diagnosis to make sure we know what the problem is.

We want to replace the hose or belt that is causing the problem.

Hoses and belts can deteriorate over time causing potential failure.

We recommend a coolant flush after replacing cooling system hoses – to remove any debris from the system.

Most current radiator hoses will last 7-10 years – or longer.

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