Belts and Hoses

You may need a new belt or hose if:
You hear a squealing sound
Battery warning lights appear on your dash
Little or no heat or air conditioning
Rough idle or overheating

We can Replace Them All – Hopefully Before They Break.

◊ Sometimes it’s very clear – you can see the leak or the broken hose or belt.

◊ Sometimes it’s not so clear.

◊ We recommend a diagnosis to make sure we know what the problem is.

◊ We want to replace the hose or belt that is causing the problem.

◊ Hoses and belts can deteriorate over time causing potential failure.

◊ We recommend a coolant flush after replacing cooling system hoses – to remove any debris from the system.

◊ Most current radiator hoses will last 7-10 years – or longer.

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