Water Pumps    &     Coolant or Antifreeze

Your cooling system includes the water pump and radiator and coolant or antifreeze.  Its job is to cool the engine, warm the engine, transmission and you, and prevent oil sludging.

We recommend:


     Our coolant flush – to remove debris and old coolant from your system and refill with the correct coolant – and extent the life of your water pump.


     Replacing your water pump when you replace your timing belt.


     Replacing coolant when replacing a hose, after an overheat, when coolant is cloudy, or at 60,000 miles or 5/6 years.

Water pumps can fail, usually as a result of something wrong in the cooling system, and mechanical failures are rare.  Common causes or systems include debris in cooling system, restrictions in the radiator, and mixing or incorrect coolant mix.  Water pumps are designed to last about 150,000 miles and should be replaced when you replace the timing belt, following an overheating event, when it takes longer for your car’s interior to warm up, and during a radiator drain, flush and refill.

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