We welcome Early Birds !!

Making life a little easier!

Please schedule an appointment or call us to make sure we know you are coming and have the time to complete your requested services.

Please help us out!

◊ If you are requesting a State Inspection, please have current registration in the glove box or center console.

◊ Please make a list of the services you are requesting – just to make sure we’re all on the same page.

◊ Please update your smart phone number and e-mail address, place a star next to the best way to contact you. If we have questions or concerns, we want to be able to reach you.

◊ Your list can be on an envelope – please place your key inside. Please give us your valet key- making sure you still have a key in your possession!

◊ If this is YOUR ONLY KEY, please let us know so we don’t lock your car with the keys in it when we are done.

◊ We now accept credit card payments online! If you would like to pick up your vehicle after hours or on the weekend, please pay online prior to 5 PM. That gives us time to get your payment recorded and the keys ready for you. If you have special instructions, please call us!

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