Don’t Buy A Lemon!!!

 Let Us Check It For Your Before You Buy it!

Whenever you buy a used car, it makes sense to have the car or truck looked at by someone who is looking out for



We offer a ‘Second Opinion’ on a vehicle you may decide to buy.

We test drive the car and bring it into our shop.  We perform our Courtesy Check, review Technical Service Bulletins for the vehicle, check and inspect all fluids, battery, tires, brakes, operation of all windows/doors/trunks/hoods, and look for items and areas that will need to pass State Inspection.

We share these findings with you.  If the coolant should be flushed or the transmission fluid should be changed, now, you can then decide if you want to proceed with the purchase, have the seller or dealer make repairs before you buy the car, or look for another.

The cost for this inspection varies depending on the vehicle, and generally runs between $50 and $90.00.   It may save you much more.


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◊ Be sure to read all the fine print.

◊ Different warranties cover different items.

◊ Most do not cover general wear and tear or maintenance items.

◊  Need repairs? We will work with your Warranty provider whenever possible. 

◊ Some plans may require you to get repairs at a particular shop.

◊ Even if covered by the warranty, it may not be covered in full. 

◊ You may still owe money for the repair.


Pay careful attention when purchasing aftermarket warranties. 

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