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Brakes have several components.  Sometimes, not all the parts need to be changed at once.

Brake pads, or shoes, wear out.  They also get damaged by snow, ice, salt and water.  Brake pads must be at least 2/32 inch in order to pass inspection.  We check your brakes with every Courtesy Check.

Rotors are the disks the brake pads ‘grab’ to stop your car.  They are also affected by salt, snow, ice and water, as well as small rocks and debris in the pads which can scratch the rotor surface and cause rust to form on the rotor. 

Although rotors can be ‘turned’ or ‘machined’, we do not often recommend this.  Rotors have limits on how much we can turn or machine them.  Machining the rotors just enough to remove the rust and pits caused by rust can leave the rotor too thin or skinny. Thin rotors warp quickly and braking will not be smooth.  Thin rotors can crack, possibly leading to more damage to your car.

Calipers are what cause the brake pad to ‘grip’ the rotors.  These are negatively affected by salt and water.  We recommend getting your calipers serviced at the end of the winter.  Servicing includes inspection and cleaning the calipers, and coating moving surfaces with lube to protect them so they will last longer.  Sometimes the boot or cover that protects the calipers need to be replaced, along with hardware including pins.

We recommend when replacing any brake parts, that you replace both sides at the same time.

We also offer a brake fluid flush, often recommended by your manufacturer.  Brake fluid can collect moisture reducing its effectiveness by lowering the boiling point due to copper levels.  This flush removed the fluid from your lines, pushes new fluid through to clean out any debris, and refills the system.  This maintenance is done to prevent the gradual decay of your braking system.



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